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Q. How hard are the exercises?

A. Anyone can do the exercises on Suppl, whether you are a fitness monster or someone just getting started. In the future we will have sessions aimed more at pro’s and newbies, but until then we wanted to make sure all our sessions were manageable for everyone!

Q. How much does Suppl cost?

A. Right now we don’t have a pricing model. The most important thing for us is to get people using our product and giving us feedback so that we can make it better. As we continue to grow and develop we may introduce a subscription based model, but don’t worry, those people that helped us to grow in our early days won’t ever have to pay!

Q. How do I get further up the queue?

A. To get higher up the queue all you need to do is to share Suppl with your friends and acquaintances. If one of your invited users signs up then we will bump you up the queue by 100 places, those at the top of the queue will get the earliest access to our Alpha app and we will look to you to really help us develop Suppl!

Q. When will you be launching your app?

A. We want to get our Alpha (first draft) of our app out ASAP and are working day and night to make this available.

Q. Is Suppl just about posture?

A. Absolutely not. We have a small team and wanted to make a start on a problem that we see. However, as we expand we will be looking to help you with your nutrition, your sleep and your physical and your mental health. We are fortunate to have brought together a bunch of people with what seems like a bottomless pit of knowledge, all of whom are keen to share their expertise with you!

Q. How can I help?

A. Great question!! Invite your friends to Suppl, the more the merrier. Once we need you for testing, we will be in touch. We want to work with you to build a platform that will help improve the lives of all of our users.