It's a joint mission! Improve workplace wellness with Suppl

* Suppl makes work wellness easy for busy teams. Sync sessions, encourage and work better together

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Team up and stay healthy together

Suppl helps your team stay healthy and actively engaged. Sync sessions, encourage each other and improve all members work wellness

Sync Sessions with your team, keeping everyone focused and aligned

Suppl sessions are fun, but when done together they are super fun. Build your teams confidence, focus and alignment everyday.

Encourage and react to your teams healthy achievements

Encourage your team mates every time they complete a session, earn an award or complete a healthy goal. It's a fun way to keep each other motivated.

Schedule sessions into your daily routine and realign your day

No matter how busy you are, a little organisation and routine will help you complete sessions and form a healthy habit at work

For office based or remote teams, Suppl brings your team together

Suppl motivates your team to stay healthy together, so whether everyone works alone, it's a platform that encourages teamwork.

Stay updated and integrate Suppl into your day

Suppl integrates easily will slack. Reserch has shown forming a habit is better done together, so encourage and create a healthy habit with your team

Meet the Suppl Solution - Packed with powerful features

Feature one

Easy Setup

Get setup in seconds. Our onboarding flow gets you clued up and using Suppl in no time

Feature two


Use suppl anywhere, anytime. From your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, everything is syncs

Feature three

Tune in, breathe out

Our responsive sessions are 5 minutes. Tune in and complete your session with ease

Feature four

React honestly

Feedback is fab. Express how you feel during and after each session; it's so important

Feature five

Active Notifications

Remind yourself to practice what you've learnt during the day. Totally customisable.

Feature six

Global Community

View who's exercising with Supl all over the world. Encourage and Cheer every new member on

Feature seven

Library of sessions

Pick and choose from hundreds of hours of sessions, curated by experts, enjoyed by you.

Feature eight

Earn awesome awards

Complete sessions to keep up your daily streak. As you progress you'll earn awesome badges

Feature nine

Visual stats

View your healthy stats and learn how you're helping your lungs, jpints, brain and much more